Dinosaur Walk Museum

Look at Life-Size Prehistoric Animals!

Even little girls can like dinosaurs!!! We had a little time to use before our next Christmas dinner show, so we decided to make a stop at the Dinosaur Walk Museum. This is an adventure that can take you 15 minutes or 45 minutes depending on what you choose to do within the museum.

The little divas could not pass up the first stop which was a table set up with coloring pages and books about dinosaurs. Jellybean and Peanut both colored pictures of dinosaurs on skates and then decided to try the interactive computer game station for a bit. Next they made their way around to see the dinosaur and reptile exhibits, including standing under the big T-Rex. Each display includes facts about the animal such as how big it was, what it ate, and when it lived. There is much to learn and teach in this area if your kids are dinosaur fanatics!

Jellybean found it fun to uncover different fossils in the fossil dig. Peanut was not quite big enough to understand fossils so she just continued to wander around and want to touch everything!!

At the end of the walk, there is a movie playing about these fascinating creatures. We got to sit only for a short time before the girls were ready to move on to the gift shop where they explored and wished for everything in there!!!!