Dolly Parton’s 25th Anniversary Special Presentation at Dollywood

Dolly Style!

We were honored to be among the media and get to attend Dolly’s Anniversary presentation. The little divas had no idea what was in store for them!!! We received our passes and were each given a souvenir zippered notebook that was imprinted with “Dollywood 25th Anniversary.” Jellybean was so excited because she now had a notebook that she could take on all of her travels to draw in.

Once we were inside the Celebrity Theatre, we were directed towards the breakfast table. There each one of us was given a plastic souvenir lunch box that contained some breakfast snacks, fruit, and a bottle of orange juice to snack on while we waited for the presentation to begin. Peanut was the most excited about her lunchbox because she loves purses and such to store her goodies in. As we were waiting and snacking, Jellybean’s little mind was spinning and she began to figure out that we might actually get to see Ms. Dolly Parton!!! Dad just kept telling her, “We’ll have to wait and see!”

The presentation began with a reading of a proclamation from the mayor of Pigeon Forge declaring 2010 as the year of Dollywood in celebration of its 25th Anniversary. Many prominent city, county, state, and even national officials were either present or sent letters that were read celebrating Dollywood’s accomplishments and what it had meant to the city over the years. There was such a feeling of love and community resonating throughout the theatre as the presentations were made. But the best was yet to come…..Ms. Dolly Parton was introduced and made her way across the stage in all her glitz and glamor!! Jellybean looked over at dad and said “I was right!!” In her sweetest southern accent, Ms. Dolly greeted and formally thanked everyone for their support and contributions to the success of Dollywood over the years. You could definitely tell that she felt right at home!!

Jellybean and Peanut were both at the edges of their seats with their eyes glued on the stage…..they were taking this all in. After all of her thank you’s, Ms. Dolly sang 3 special songs and performed with cast members from several of the awarding winning shows from the theme park. What an honor it must have been for those performers!!

As the presentation concluded, an announcement was made to check inside our souvenir zippered notebooks for the presence of a special sticker. Those that were lucky enough to have those stickers were going to have lunch with Ms. Dolly. No stickers in our notebooks!! Instead we were off to spend our afternoon taking in the sights and sounds of this celebrated theme park. Stay tuned for those adventures!!