Dollywood Never Gets Old!

Since we were not lucky enough to get to have lunch with Dolly after the 25th Anniversary presentation, we were off to enjoy the sites and sounds of Dollywood. Dollywood is one of those places that never gets old, no matter how many times you have been there!! Jellybean and Peanut were just as excited for our day’s adventures as they were on our 1st visit. Our first stop was at a souvenir stand so that mom could purchase a bag to carry around the treasures that we had received at the presentation. The car was parked far away and we didn’t want to waste any of our time!!

Adventure Mountain was a new area that had opened since our last visit. We decided that we definitely wanted to check it out, so we started off in that direction. Along the way, we stopped to observe a glass blower in action. It was impressive to watch him and the masterpiece he was producing in front of our eyes! As hot as he must have been working around a fire in hot outdoor temps, he was still super friendly and stopped to answer questions and show the onlookers his work close up. Next we made a stop to let the little divas burn off some energy. They climbed around in the Dreamland Forest Treehouse and shot balls everywhere in the Beehive. It is such a happy parenting moment to see the smiles and joy in your kids when they are having a good time!!

Getting to Adventure Mountain was taking longer than anticipated but we were on vacation, so why rush?? As we passed through the Craftman’s Valley, we watched the blacksmith at work and then made a stop to see the bald eagles in their beautiful aviary. What amazing and beautiful creatures these birds are!! Mom got some great pictures of them and even a couple with them looking directly at the camera. The little divas also enjoyed looking at the red tailed hawk and learning about Buzz the black vulture.

We finally arrived at Adventure Mountain, but much to our disappointment, we were not allowed to enter because we were all wearing sandals or flip flops. The worker stated that you must wear closed toed shoes due to the cables that are part of the climbing adventure. He said they had some Crocs for sale in the gift shop if we wanted to buy new shoes to wear so that we could participate. After looking at the multi-story obstacle course, it is evident that closed toed shoes would be necessary. It looks like so much fun!!! Tennis shoes will be part of our attire next trip. We took some pictures of Jellybean and Peanut in the area and then decided lunch was a good idea.

After lunch, we spent the remainder of our day with a train ride on the Dollywood Express and letting the little divas ride the rides in the Country Fair area. Jellybean was brave and did the Shooting Star drop tower ride with dad and Peanut was content to ride the Veggie Tales roller coaster , the Lucky Ducks, and the Piggy Parade over and over and over. They also had fun driving mom and dad around on the Rockin’ Roadway car ride. Happy little divas equal happy mom and dad!!!

As we were making our way towards the exit, we noticed that people were lined up along the walkways. Dad stopped to ask one of the workers what was going on and he was told that Ms. Dolly Parton was gonna be riding through shortly. Sure enough, shortly after, she was escorted through in an old timey car. “Wow!!!” said Jellybean. “We have gotten to see her twice in one day!!”

Dollywood never gets old!! They are adding new areas to the theme park consistently. Splash Country was not yet open for the season, so that will definitely be on an agenda for a future visit!!