LId’l Dolly’s Factory Store

Lace and Frills Galore

Lid'l Dolly Factory StoreLife with two little divas involves lots of frills. They had seen the brochure for Lid’l Dolly’s Factory Store in the brochure rack at one of our earlier stops of the day and were curious- one because of the name which involves dolls and two because of the frilly dress the little girl on the brochure was wearing. Dad was a good sport and decided to brave the “girly”ness and let the girls check the store out.

As you walk into to the store, you first see tons of quilts. From what we were told, they house the largest selection of patchwork quilts in the Southeast. I got lost in reminiscing of times as a little girl when I would watch my grandmother make quilts. She would use scraps of material from the different dresses and clothing that she made us grandchildren and then she would work her talents and end up with beautiful designs. My quilts from her are treasures!! Jellybean and Peanut did not share my enthusiasm in looking at the quilts though and kept pushing their way to the lace and ruffles.

The rows of dresses and the rainbow of colors was a little piece of heaven for Peanut. She first noticed that there were matching dresses for little girls and their dolls. She is such a doll lover and loved looking at the dolls that were dressed up from head to toe. Jellybean liked the western style dresses. She had enjoyed watching the young girl dance and yodel in the Country Tonite show and thought these fluffy dresses looked like one of the dresses she danced in. However, she also noticed that the frills were not made in her size.

This is a factory store and there is an area in the back of the store where actual sewing goes on. However, our visit was late in the day and the workers had already left. I would have liked for the little divas to see how much work and effort goes into these treasures for little girls. Mom and dad love teaching moments on our family trips!!

If you are into sewing and quilts or frilly little dresses, then don’t miss this stop along the Parkway in Pigeon Forge. You can get lost in the designs on the quilts and in the rows of ruffles and lace on Lid’l Dolly’s dresses.