Log Cabin Pancake House


Log Cabin Pancake House Another of our great breakfast meals while staying in Pigeon Forge was at Log Cabin Pancake House. It is located at the edge of town and is a local favorite. They have been open since 1976- so that in itself tells you they must be doing something right!

We arrived on a Saturday morning and business was boomin’. They do things the old fashioned way….no names on a list, no flashing beepers…just some good ‘ole waiting in a line. However, our wait wasn’t long. When we were seated, we were quickly attended to by our cute waitress wearing an old fashioned gingham skirt. I loved that the little divas got to experience this Southern lifestyle and the Southern accents just added to the ambience as well!

Jellybean and Peanut quickly placed their orders which were chocolate chip pancakes for one and biscuits and gravy for the other. Dad ordered a not so manly but oh so yummy French toast special and well, mom had a hard time deciding between all the unique pancake options. I finally decided on Pancakes Royale which is pancakes smothered in some amazing cream cheese sauce and topped with banana slices and powdered sugar. Ohhh was it heaven in my mouth! No complaints from the rest of the table either on how yummy their food was.

Pancakes RoyaleWe were told that they also serve a lunch buffet that is a great representation of Southern home cookin’, complete with homemade desserts. May have to try this on another trip.
Our family left this cozy establishment feeling very full and happy! We all gave it a thumbs up for good service and good, no amazing, food! This will be a must stop for us each time we visit Pigeon Forge because we are on a mission to try several of their special recipe pancake and crepe menu items.