Old Mill Restaurant

Southern Cooking at its Best!

In the heart of the Old Mill Square in Pigeon Forge, nestled alongside a running water-powered grist mill is the well known Old Mill Restaurant. Since Mom likes to pass on her Southern roots to the little divas and it was dinnertime, we ventured on over to give their taste buds a special treat!

Old Mill's Chicken and DumplingsWe got a table where we enjoyed a great view of the Little Pigeon River. Mom had been anxiously awaiting her favorite comfort food all day…..chicken and dumplings and a nice tall glass of sweet tea. Jellybean decided to go with Mom’s instincts and also ordered chicken and dumplings. However, Peanut’s strong will kept her from straying from her classic chicken strips and macaroni and cheese. Dad decided to do some venturing out himself and went for Southern style spareribs and sauerkraut.

It was a good thing we were all hungry!! The adult meals started with a cup of corn chowder, a salad, and homemade corn fritters. Our servings were large enough to share with the little divas which made Jellybean very happy. We all thought the homemade corn fritters were quite tasty. Just when our tummies were starting to feel a little full, our entrees arrived along with a bowl of mashed potatoes, green beans, and homemade rolls. As we ate together, we enjoyed some great quality time together with mom sharing memories of eating her grandmother’s great Southern cooking. When the waitress came around to ask us for our dessert selection, no one could imagine being able to eat another thing!! However we also knew that we did not want to deprive our taste buds of homemade apple cobbler, so mom politely asked for our desserts to go!

With full tummies and happy little divas, we took a little walk over to the General Store after dinner. There they sell fresh ground grains and flours, as well as mixes for the restaurant’s biscuits, pancakes, and soups. On the way over, Jellybean and Peanut caught a glimpse of either goose or duck eggs that were sheltered up against the building on the river bank. They were sad when they discovered that we were not allowed to walk down to that area so they could touch them. Their sadness turned back to happiness; however, as they discovered the candy section in the General Store. Aww…the sweet things in life!! The Old Mill restaurant is a classic for Southern style cooking. Definitely a family favorite!