Packing for Springtime Fun!!

One of the great things that we love about Pigeon Forge is that it exudes a different shade of beauty in all four of the seasons.  The spring season is upon us and that means trees and flowers will begin blooming, there will be more hours of daylight, and for my little divas, only a few more months of school left.  Yes….we all have Spring fever and are ready for some Spring Break traveling!

Living in Southern Texas for almost 15 years has truly altered our family’s sense of weather.  We have grown accustomed to wearing shorts and flip flops at least 75% of the year.  So, when it comes time for vacations outside of our homeland, packing can often times be a chore.

We have learned that regardless of the time of year or where we travel that we all pack a jacket/sweater that can be worn indoors or out.  For Pigeon Forge, the sun may be shining but the mountain air can be a little chilly at times.  Temperatures vary greatly so it is best to be prepared for both cool and warm.  This is especially true if you take a trip into the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  It is the perfect time of year for exploring and checking out the trails and waterfalls.  The park will be coming alive with beautiful spring growth and colors.   Thus it is also a necessity to pack a good pair of walking/hiking shoes.  I think even Peanut has learned her lesson about trying to hike and explore in her cute sandals.  Blisters and cold toes make for a long day!!!

Other things that we usually pack are hats or sunglasses for outdoor activities, a backpack for carrying snacks, souvenirs, and a little first aid kit, and definitely a camera.  The little divas are at an age where they both want to pack their own suitcase and they usually have their own ideas for what to bring as well, like toys and books.  I am positive that we usually over pack but the mommy in me has to make sure we are prepared for anything!!

Bring on the spring travels, we are ready to go!!

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