Springtime in the Smokies

Green and Full of Life!

With each trip we have made to the Smoky Mountains, we are in awe of each of the seasons and their beauty. Each time we say “I think this is my favorite time of year!” Our Spring trip was a short one but seemed to be the most peaceful to date. The Smokies were full of life with their green vibrant color and wildflowers galore.

We headed off for an early morning drive in the mountains prior to our flight home. The brisk morning air kept us awake and the fog over the mountains (which the little divas thought was smoke) was thick and breathtaking. The beauty had us captivated and we missed our usual turn off so we were headed down a road we had never traveled. However, it turned out to be a good thing!!! The new scenery was just as amazing and even took us through a couple of tunnels. Jellybean was on lookout for a bear which to her disappointment was never spotted. Dad kept capturing pictures with his iPhone and was having a great time playing with the settings to change the color levels or to make them black and white.

We made a couple of roadside stops to take in the beauty up close. The sounds of the streams, the birds, and the bugs was so relaxing. We were able to see some great views of the treelines and smell the sweetness of the wildflowers. The joy of the peacefulness and sereneness was broken as soon as Peanut fell getting out of the car on one of our stops. Drama, drama, drama…..it follows us!!!!

On our way out, we made a stop at the Sugarlands Visitor Center for a potty break. The grounds were well maintained and blooming with flowers. Mom had to keep a close eye on Jellybean and Peanut because they both wanted to pick a few flowers!!

What a great way to end our trip!!! With no cell service, that meant no Facebook, no texting, and no twitter- all of which are normal routine for our family. It was just time to enjoy as a family and time to take in the beauty that surrounded us.