Tennessee Shindig

Complete with Elvis!

During our week long visit to Pigeon Forge, we wanted to take in as many shows as possible and revel in our time preparing and enjoying the season. As we got our tickets for the Tennessee Shindig show, Jellybean noticed that “Elvis” sang in the show and she remembered our visit to the Elvis Museum. She couldn’t wait to hear him sing!

Several members from the cast of the show greeted us as we entered the auditorium and escorted us to our seats. Both of the girls loved the attention from the cast members, especially when they told them how pretty they were! The auditorium is quite spacious and we got seats near the front in the center section. Peanut needs to be as close to the action as possible to keep her attention!

The first part of the show was filled with music of the decades from the 50’s to the 90’s. The little divas were of course not old enough to remember the songs that were sang… however, they sure had a good time clapping and trying to dance to it all! They enjoyed watching the pretty girls as they moved all over the stage. Their favorite was a singer/dancer that looked like and sounded like “Cher.”

Jellybean was all smiles too when “Elvis” sang his rendition of “Hound Dog.” Dad and I enjoyed the section from the 80’s and 90’s, complete with an appearance from “Michael Jackson.” “Uncle Bud” was the comedian of the show and he kept up the energy with his silly jokes and stage humor.

Later “Elvis” made another appearance and the humor continued as people from the audience were pulled up on stage for a few dress up acts.

Tennessee Shindig kept our family “shindig” in Tennessee going!