The Comedy Barn

A Whole Lotta Laughing Going On!

Our family is always game for a good laugh and fun times, so we decided to check out the matinee at the Comedy Barn. We had heard that their show was the funniest in town and that the little divas would have a blast. Dad dosed up on Benadryl as we had also heard that the show involved animals and we headed on over to the big yellow and red barn located midway down the Parkway in Pigeon Forge.

The fun began as we made our way down the sidewalk to the entrance. The little divas spotted an outside vending area for foot massages. There were wooden barrels to sit on with a sign above that read “Relaxing Foot Massages, Only 25¢.” Jellybean and Peanut each hopped up onto one of the wooden barrels and put their feet onto the metal foot plates. Dad inserted the 25¢ for each of them. The laughter that followed was priceless!!!

After our outside entertainment, we finally made our way in and found our seats. Next thing we know, we have a lady asking each of the little divas if they would like to be a part of the show, to which both agreed. She handed them each a little coupon to hold onto and told them to come up to the stage when the dogs came out. Jellybean could hardly wait!!

Grandpa Duffy (a puppet) was the host of the show. He along with Granny started the show with the Comedy Barn musicians and dancers. Next we see the dogs making their way on stage so Jellybean and Peanut head down. Peanut started crying as soon as she got halfway down so Mom had to go with her. There were about 10 dogs that were all well trained and were full of tricks for the audience. Their last trick involved the 3 recruited audience members so we were pulled onto the stage and lined up beside a tall metal ramp. Several of the dogs made their way up the ramp and then jumped over us!! More fun entertainment followed including Slim Chance, a juggler and Eric Lambert, a comedian whose act did have us all laughing. The little divas had fun clapping their hands to the bluegrass/country music and tapping their toes as the cloggers did their dancing. There was an intermission at mid show in which we went down to the front and meet the dog trainer and some of the dogs. The trainer was very friendly and told us that all of the dogs were rescues. Jellybean and Peanut loved getting to pet and talk to the dogs!! After intermission, we were entertained by Farmer Clem, a magician who also used several kids from the audience for his act and Peter Pelican and his ventriloquist as well as more singing and dancing.

At the end of the show, the little divas raced to the concessions area to redeem their free gift coupon for helping with the show. They each received a little pink stuffed pig wearing a Comedy Barn t-shirt. They became their prized possessions for the trip!! Each show is filmed and DVDs of the actual show you attend are available for purchase soon after the show ends. After the fact, we decided we should have purchased one since our girls were a part of the show. They also boast about their t-shirts which are only $9.95 and carry a lifetime warranty!! That’s right, they said they would give you a new shirt if anything happened to your shirt!!

This family friendly comedy variety show is full of high energy entertainment and kid friendly laughs!!