Titanic Museum

Informative and Interactive

Our visit to the Titanic Museum during our spring trip to Pigeon Forge had been much anticipated for months. We had visited the preview center and saw the construction area on our Christmas trip and were filled with excitement to visit the real thing. As we pulled into the parking lot and saw the enormous replica of the ship and the staff members who were dressed as members of the crew, we knew there was some fun to be had!!

We were greeted by a crew member and each of us received our boarding pass which had information about an actual passenger that was on board the Titanic during its voyage. The crew member instructed us to try to find out more about our person as we toured the museum and to find out whether or not they were a survivor. Interestingly enough, we were all 1st class passengers and our ages ranged from 19-48 years old. Mom luckily received the boarding pass of a famous fashion designer and Jellybean kept trying to trade even though her passenger was the cousin to the Countess of Rothes!! Dad was on a mission to determine whether or not his dog survived and Peanut was the daughter of the co-founder of Dixie Cup Company.

The museum is a self-guided walk through experience; however, there were crew members in each of the areas and they were extremely knowledgeable about the history of the Titanic, the passengers, as well as the dreaded crash and sinking. Peanut was mesmerized by listening to the crew members talk in beautiful accents. Mom found it interesting that much of the 1st class dinnerware that was on display had been recovered from passenger’s suitcases. What…. they were stealing it?? Jellybean learned that the Titanic was a Royal Mail Ship and learned that it was carrying mail along with the 2,208 passengers/crew members. She also loved finding out that the actual Titanic was 4 city blocks long!!! Peanut was actually too young to understand much of the factual information but was excited to play at each of the interactive stations. She and Jellybean got to shovel coal into a furnace, steer the boat, touch an iceberg, as well as put their hands in 28 degree water. Their favorite part of the museum, however, was the Tot Titanic area which was an area designed just for kids eight and under with plenty of hands- on activities. Peanut was enthralled by the area that simulated the different angles of sloping the boat encountered as it was sinking. In this area, they also got inside a lifeboat, learned to tie boating knots, looked through binoculars, and played a video game that involved trying to steer the boat away from the iceberg. Mom and Jellybean learned how to spell out their names in Morse code.

The Grand Staircase was stunning!! We were told that the original blueprints for the actual Grand Staircase were borrowed, so the one located in the museum is an exact replica of the original one. Mom and dad chuckled in disbelief as we were instructed that the flooring was the most expensive of all during those times and was a prized possession by the wealthy….don’t want to spoil that surprise for you so I will not tell you what it is!! No pictures are allowed inside the museum but mom sure would have loved to snap a few pictures in this area!!

One of our last stops was an area that showed a movie on the discovery of the Titanic remains. This area was the most interesting to mom and dad; however, Jellybean did enjoy seeing the little machine that crawled around on the ocean floor looking for remains.

Of course, a wonderful visit to the gift shop concluded our time at the Titanic Museum. Mom convinced the little divas to actually pick out a souvenir that would be memorable and not get broken or sold in our next garage sale. So, each of them picked out a book!!! Jellybean picked out 2 books that were actually on her reading level and she carried them around like prized treasures!! Peanut grabbed a shiny silver book that had lots of pull outs and flip up details in it.

What an amazing piece of history we got to experience in Pigeon Forge, TN!! This attraction is sure to draw a crowd so get your tickets early!!