Tourist Tuesday: April 9

We’re starting a new feature here at called Tourist Tuesday. Each Tuesday we will talk to tourists who are visiting Pigeon Forge to get a little bit of insight about what they are planning on doing during their stay or how their vacation has gone so far.

This week’s tourists are Phil and Regina Broughton and their 12-year-old son Nick who are visiting from Middlesboro, Kentucky. The Broughtons said they came to Pigeon Forge because it was Nick’s spring break from school. Nick said he wanted to spend his spring break in Pigeon Forge because it has so many cool and fun things to do.

“We usually visit in the summer, but he really wanted to come here for his break so he could ride and play all week,” Regina said. “Dollywood just opened back up for the season so we’ll definitely go there. We’ve never been for their festival of nations before so that should be really neat.”

The Broughtons have been to Pigeon Forge a few times so we asked them what some of their favorite things to do and see while they were here and also if they were excited about any of the new attractions in the city.

“Well, we love the Zorb. It’s probably his (Nick’s) favorite thing to ride other than the coasters at Dollywood,” Phil said. “We saw that huge Ferris wheel downtown too. That was definitely a new sight. It will be awesome whenever it starts up.”

Phil was referring to the new 200-foot Great Smoky Mountain Wheel which will open with The Island in Pigeon Forge sometime late this spring or early summer.

“I guess we’ll have to plan another visit for this summer again,” Regina said. “There’s just too much to see and do in one trip.”