Tourist Tuesday: May 21

David Meziere Visiting Pigeon ForgeToday’s guest for Tourist Tuesday is David Meziere from Florida. I caught up with David at the trolley station near Patriot Park.

He and his wife had arrived in Pigeon Forge on Sunday night and said that they’re week had already been filled with activities. On this particular day, they were headed to Dollywood.

David and his wife said that the trolley system was one of the coolest aspects of Pigeon Forge that they had seen. “We love the trolley system,” said David. “It works great.”

I asked David what they had done or planned do during their vacation and he informed me that they recently attended a show at the new Biblical Times Theater which was very interesting and entertaining.

“I also loved the Titanic,” said David. “I thought the Titanic was great. We’d seen the one in Branson but had never actually been to it.”

David said that they had heard about Pigeon Forge through TV commercials, which he felt were very entertaining.

Pigeon Forge is also famous for its food so I asked the Meziere’s where they’d eaten during their stay.

“I’d give Old Mill a thumbs-up. We’ve been recommending that to everybody. I thought people were coming out of there with left-overs but you’re basically leaving there with a whole meal after you’ve already eaten.”