Tourist Tuesday: September 17

Light Family in Pigeon Forge, TNToday’s guests have been coming to Pigeon Forge for the past 45 years.  The Lights, a married couple who currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia, are no strangers to The Land of More.

“We come twice a year, every year,” said Mr. Light. “Actually three times,” said Mrs. Light quickly correcting her husband.

I asked the couple what always kept them returning to Pigeon Forge multiple times each year.  “It’s close by…and it’s fun,” said Mrs. Light. “We love the restaurants, activities and obviously Dollywood, and we try to visit the Old Mill as often as we can.”

This past weekend was the Pigeon Forge Fall Rod Run and thousands of people filled the city to relax and enjoy the company of other car-enthusiasts. The Lights are staying for the week to continue their relaxation. “It’s just a good get-away place,” said Mr. Light.

Of course, no trip to Pigeon Forge is complete without visiting one of the 300 places to shop. “I love to come and shop at the outlet malls.” “Even though we’ve got ‘em where we live,” Mr. Light interjected. “I think she likes these better.”