Ways to Save on Your Trip to Pigeon Forge

Summer is quickly approaching and the planning process for family vacations has already begun. Let’s be honest, vacations can get pricey!! Planning ahead and finding ways to save is a must for many of us. Here are some helpful tips on making that trip to Pigeon Forge not break the piggy bank.

  1. Order a Pigeon Forge Travel Guide. You can order this from mypigeonforge.com and it is a great resource tool for information on things to do, where to eat, and places to stay. There are also coupons and discounts as well as maps. The travel guide is a great place to start your planning process.
  2. Stop by the Welcome Center located at traffic light #0 on the Parkway or the Visitor Information Center located at traffic light #5 when you arrive in town. You will find friendly faces to offer helpful information and advice along with brochures and coupons.
  3. Don’t pass up those brochure stands located at most area restaurants, hotels, and attractions. Many of them have coupons in them. Even those $1-3 off coupons help out when you are buying for a family!
  4. With the current trends of social media, you might check out your attraction, restaurant, or lodging choice’s Facebook page. They may be offering coupons or deals that are mentioned on their page.
  5. Order your show tickets online. Also, many of the shows offer combo tickets that will allow you to buy tickets to several shows at a discounted rate and some even have deeper discounts on the kid’s tickets.
  6. Dollywood’s “Arrive after 3 pm, and the next day is free” is a great way to get in a little extra time at the park. It is like getting a day and a half at the park for the price of one day. If you are looking to spend several days at Dollywood or Dollywood’s Splash Country, upgrading your ticket to a season pass may be a cheaper option. Plus, you can go back on the next vacation too!
  7. Save time and money on parking by riding the Fun Time Trolley to Dollywood. This is one of Pigeon Forge’s best kept secrets. The cost is 50 cents each way/per person and they drop you off and pick you up at the front of the park!
  8. Dinner shows are a great way to combine dinner and entertainment. 2 for the price of 1!!! Believe me, you get plenty to eat at these shows too.
  9. Choose a cabin or condo for lodging, this way you have a kitchen to cook meals in so that you don’t have to eat out the whole time you are gone.
  10.  Do some research online, some of the cabins and condos have special discounts with the more nights you stay, i.e. book 6 nights and get 1 additional night free.

Enjoy your next trip to Pigeon Forge and still have money left over in your wallet. Do a little planning ahead and watch the savings add up!