TITANIC Christmas & Winter Celebration

Start Date: Nov 25, 2021
End Date: Jan 31, 2022

Inside and out, TITANIC is magical during the winter holidays. The sights, sounds and joy of the season are sure to hail the arrival of Christmas. You’re invited to stop by November thru December for Titanic’s holiday spirit. The ship will be aglow. Come exchange greetings with our Titanic crew or enjoy the glittering lights and the festive decorations.

This year the museum will be visited by the Christmas Lady of JOY every weekend starting on Thanksgiving Day. She will listen to children’s Christmas wishes. Reservations are required.

More than $100,000 has been invested in all the trimmings: twinkling lights, lush garlands, wreaths and towering Christmas trees. The cheery crew will join costumed merry-makers in stirring your memories of holiday gatherings gone by, while setting the scene for many more.

Every day, we remember and honor the men, women and especially the 133 children who sailed RMS Titanic’s maiden voyage in 1912. But it’s during this special time of year that you’ll truly experience what it was like aboard ship and how it might have looked on a Christmas voyage 104 years ago.

When you pass by the TITANIC Museum Attraction on the parkway, you’ll see at the ships’ bow – a HUGE Face Mask wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. TITANIC Museum is open every day except Christmas Day. Reservations are required as many days are sold out.


Start Date: Nov 25, 2021
End Date: Jan 31, 2022
2134 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863