Family Style!

We had only a short time to spare before heading over to a show at the Country Tonite Theatre and deciding what to fill the time gap with was a bit challenging. The little divas were full of vigor as usual and it was cold outside. We finally remembered that the Community Center in Pigeon Forge had a bowling alley. What a great idea for burning off a little extra energy!

The bowling alley was very quaint and extremely clean. It offered a great atmosphere for a little family competition. Jellybean and Peanut were not so excited about having to wear the “cute” bowling shoes but did because they were anxious for a little fun. They quickly put their shoes on and were off to pick out a brightly colored bowling ball. Because they were both into the cool colors instead of how heavy the ball was, they both came back with balls that they could barely hold. Mom reminded them that they were gonna have to throw these balls down the lane, so back they went for a second choice. Finally ready to roll, Jellybean took her turn first and was determined to do it all by herself. She tried really hard to throw her ball down the center of the lane but after a few gutter balls, she decided a little coaching from Dad would be ok. Peanut chose to sit on the floor and roll hers half the time and the ball very slowly made its way down the lane. Mom had to step in and help a few times to speed our game up!!! We ended up playing 2 games and as always, Dad was the winner.

Bowling was the perfect choice for letting the little divas burn off some energy prior to sitting for a couple of hours for the show. The Community Center has lots to offer including an aquatic center, basketball/racquetball courts, a wellness center, and even an indoor walking track. The fee to use for a non-member is extremely cheap. Since mom and dad both love to get their workouts in even when out of town, this little gem was a great find!!!