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Fall Color Report

Vibrantly colored foliage is synonymous with fall in the Smoky Mountains. Each year thousands come to our area to see the amazing display as the leaves change from their usual green into innumerable shades of orange, red and yellow.

Typically, at the first part of October the leaf colors are further progressed than they are this year. The late progress means that peak coloration should last through the end of October and into November. A variety of factors comes into play in determining the rate at which the leaves change their color.

As of now, less than half of deciduous trees have substantial coloration at the highest elevations of the Smokies. Peak coloration for these elevations is expected within one to two weeks.

Further down, you’ll notice that most trees have just begun to start their color change and some haven’t changed at all yet. Trees like walnuts, buckeyes and sycamores are usually the first to brighten up, but even some of those still have green leaves.

If you’re visiting Pigeon Forge and the surrounding area sometime in the next couple of weeks we suggest driving to the high elevations of the mountains (Clingmans Dome Road for example) if you want to see the brightest display of foliage.

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