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Get Your “Selfies” On at Hollywood Wax Museum!

With the current popularity of cell phones, Instagram, and Facebook, “selfies” are everywhere. Both of our little divas are no exception. They love to steal mom or dad’s cell phone and take crazy pictures of

themselves when we aren’t looking. On our last visit to Pigeon Forge our little divas were able to go “selfie” crazy at the Hollywood Wax Museum.

Hollywood Wax Museum is most definitely the “selfie” capital in Pigeon Forge. There are so many fun photo ops, both indoors and out, just waiting to be captured. From movie and TV stars, past and present, to sports stars and musicians, you can pose and be a star with them. It is amazing how life like and realistic some of the figures look!

I think that we actually have a picture with almost every wax figure in the museum. Some of our youngest diva’s favorite selfie moments were sitting on the bench with Tom Hanks in a scene from Forrest Gump and looking smart and ambitious next to Mr. “You’re Fired” himself, Donald Trump. Our oldest diva loves posing like Barbara Eden in her “I Dream of Jeannie” scene and getting a rose from Pierce Brosnan.

On our last trip, they both had to pose at the cafe with young Elvis because they knew that grandma would love to have picture of him!! Who wouldn’t go crazy about having their picture taken with classic icons such as Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart and James Dean? Ok wait, am I showing my age?

Fun facts are posted about each person next to their wax figure replica. I don’t think our girls ever stop to read them, but I enjoy gaining a little knowledge and trivia!! There is even a computer screen where you can make a request of who you would like

to see forever immortalized in wax. Yes, of course we did! My youngest requested Selena Gomez, while my oldest, Taylor Swift. And mom just couldn’t resist, so I requested Channing Tatum.

So get your cameras and cell phones ready to enjoy some fun of your own at Hollywood Wax Museum!!


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