Pre-Teen Fun in Pigeon Forge

Yes, we have reached those glorious pre-teen years with our oldest. It definitely has its up and down moments. She is a little harder to entertain now on our vacations, as she likes to tell us that some things are just too kiddish for her liking and no longer cool. It is a good thing that Pigeon Forge still has us covered!!

Straight from the mouth of a 12 year old……These are my “favorite” things to do in Pigeon Forge:

  1. Dollywood  – Roller coasters and thrill rides are at the top of her list. She and Dad usually partner up and have ridden almost every ride at Dollywood! She is still a little apprehensive about the ones that go upside down but still way braver than Mom is!!
  2. Dollywood’s Splash Country – Water slides and rides are never boring in her eyes!! Being from South Texas where summers are always super hot, our girls have grown up loving water activities. Splash Country is just plain cool for everyone!!
  3. Flyaway Indoor Skydiving – She was 7 years old when she had her first try at Flyaway and she loved every minute of it. I think her first request on every trip since then has been “Can we go back to Flyaway!?!”  Our answer has been “yes” on many occasions, especially now that little sis is big enough to do it also.
  4. MagiQuest – Once she figured out how to be a Magi, she was hooked!!  This activity can be quite challenging and we always need extra time; however, we always have a good time. An added bonus here is Odyssey – Mirror Maze and the Vault: Laser Challenge.
  5. Go kart riding (but not racing!!) –  Go karts are not hard to find in Pigeon Forge. We have tried them out at almost all of the places. The newest place – Xtreme Racing Center  – has got racing and speed covered. This was a little scary for my girl but she hung in there.  I would say the boys on the track tested the speed way more than she did!!
  6. Shopping at Stages West – Most girls love to shop and it is hard to not love shopping at Stages West!! They know how to appeal to everyone – kids, men, women, young, and old. From clothing to boots, to jewelry and purses, to hats and belts, they have it all!! 
  7. Hanging out at The Island – Enjoying the light and music show of the Island Fountains, taking a ride on the Wheel, jumping at the Thunderdome Bungy Jump, and grabbing a snack at Island Yogurt are among her favorites here.
  8. Hollywood Wax Museum  – Selfies with the stars!! What more can a pre-teen ask for?  With the popularity of Instagram and Facebook among this age group, sharing these photos is half the fun!!
  9. The Forge Cinemas  – We are always up for a good movie together. This is a favorite family past time for us. A little popcorn with M&M’s, and we are set!!  
  10. Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park – This one surprised me a little. I thought Dad and I were the ones who enjoyed our peaceful drives and stops in the mountains the most. Guess I was wrong!!

There you have it – lots of fun to be had for those picky pre-teens!!!