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Shining Faces of Travel Nominee: Nathan Headrick

In celebration of National Travel and Tourism Week 2017, we’re shining the spotlight on Pigeon Forge employees and recognizing them for their excellent customer service!

Meet Nathan Headrick, Crew Member at Titanic Museum Attraction who was nominated by Cynthia Simpson.



“It seems Nathan Headrick never has a bad day. He comes in every morning and says “it’s going to be a good day.”  When we kickoff our morning meetings, he is LOUDER than any one yelling out, Woo Hoo! Nathan’s distinct personality stands out when he is on the pavilion even though he can “man the ship” at any position.

Nathan is waiting for our guests to arrive, greet them and get them started on their journey. His multi-tasking skills shine through when he is handing out boarding passes, directing guests, admitting tickets and lining up our passengers.

His professionalism is 1st class as he steps on a coach and welcomes them to the Titanic. His compassion stands out as he is soaking wet bringing our guests on board under an umbrella.

Nathan represents a “Shining Face of Travel” because he is putting a smile on his face and makes the best of everything at the Titanic.”


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