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What’s Fun for Those Challenging Teens?

Let’s be honest, teenagers are a challenge. They can bring lots of joy to our lives but also lots of headaches.  Sometimes, they go with the flow and agree with the family and other times, not so much.  So, planning a vacation that makes everyone happy is not always easy. Pigeon Forge has those teenagers in mind and will make sure they have fun too!!

Some tried and true stops for those teens:

  1. Dollywood– This place makes for a happy family all around. We have 2 adventurous divas, one of them being a teenager. They are all about the thrill rides. From the Barnstormer to the Wild Eagle to the Thunderhead and the FireChaser Express, they love them all! However, there are also some great rides for those that are less daring and don’t like the flips and crazy heights (like this momma), the Blazing Fury and the Scrambler or even the Mountain Slidewinder will get the job done. Our teen gives us a “Parents of the Day” award after a visit to Dollywood!!
  2. Splash Country– Summer, water, vacation, does it get any better? Here, they can have some fun running around and splashing the rest of the family as well as riding the Mountain Waves in the wave pool and plunge down the Fire Tower Falls. A day in the sun and water should boost their happiness level right up to the top!!
  3. Hollywood Wax Museum– Teens love selfies!! This is the perfect stop for them to get their selfies on with the stars. Wax models of current as well as past stars and even a gigantic King Kong are the perfect backdrops for them to share photos with their friends and let them know just how much fun they are having!!
  4. The Track– This a great place for a little gaming, a little go-kart fun, and a few thrill rides. They can test their luck in the arcade with some great video games, race the family around the go-kart tracks, or go for the thrill of bungee jumping or skyflying all in one stop. This is a thumbs up kinda place!!
  5. The Forge Cinemas– Sometimes we all need a little down time and a movie on the big screen is the perfect choice. This state of the art cinema has stadium seating and 5 theaters. Grab a snack, kick back, and enjoy the show with your teen!!


Thankfully those quirky teen years don’t last very long, but while they do…vacations in Pigeon Forge can still be fun for the whole family!!

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