Dulce Nitrogen – Ice Cream and Bubble Tea

2656 Parkway, Suite 3
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Dulce Nitrogen is a local family-owned shop in Pigeon Forge serving freshly made ice cream, and bubble teas to order!

Dulce Nitrogen serves customized drinks, from milk teas and milk coffee drinks to flavored teas and lemonades. They are served with tapioca pearls, which have a similar texture to gummy bears, for an interesting change of texture from the drink alone, or can be served with popping boba which are juice-filled spheres that burst with juices.

Dulce Nitrogen also serves freshly made ice cream with the help of liquid Nitrogen, which results in a highly creamy and light texture. These can be served in a cup, freshly made waffle cone or cup, or freshly made bubble waffles, which can be filled with chocolate chips or other delectable fillings.

2656 Parkway, Suite 3
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863


Open 7 days a week

Hours: 1pm – 10pm

See Facebook for any updates!

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