TITANIC Museum Attraction

2134 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863


Inside and out, Titanic is magical during the winter holidays. The sights, sounds and joy of the season are sure to hail the arrival of Christmas 2022. Come exchange greetings with our Titanic crew or enjoy the glittering lights and the festive decorations.

Once Upon a Christmas time at the Titanic Museum Attraction

Oh joy, the holiday season is almost here again! It’s my favorite time of year at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, because when guests come aboard, their smiles are bigger, their eyes are brighter and their spirits higher. Christmastime at Titanic fills every heart with fellowship and good cheer. The beauty and charm of our once-upon-a-time Edwardian Christmas will dazzle and truly amaze you, from your arrival at the White Star Line boarding station to the moment you depart through our magical Holiday Gift Shoppe.Children are awestruck by the glamour and glitter of it all.

Reservations are required as many days are sold out.

Everyone knows the name TITANIC, Everyone knows TITANIC hit an Iceberg, Everyone knows TITANIC sank, but there is so much more to her story!

With over 400 real TITANIC artifacts, valued at over four-million dollars, our permanent, interactive TITANIC experience goes beyond the obvious! Upon arrival at Titanic Museum Attraction, guests are greeted by one of our costumed cast members and given a boarding pass to become an actual passenger aboard the ship. Once inside, guests will step back in time to 1912 as they explore over 22,000 square feet of educational history. Our crew members honor the 2,208 passengers and crew by sharing their stories.

Music Gallery at Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge TNExplore twenty dramatically lit galleries, experience 28-degree water, sit in an actual size lifeboat and see the only actual TITANIC photos that exist on display.

Guests can also play our 1900’s Grand Piano, look inside a grand first-class stateroom similar to the ones the Astor’s shared and see a third-class cabin. Or take the Wheel on the Captain’s Bridge, see highlights of the owner and John Joslyn’s dive in the Discovery Gallery.

Replica Grand Staircase at Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge TNGuests to TITANIC Museum Attraction are also invited to walk the replica Grand Staircase. The staircase was built from the ship’s blueprints, replicated accurately and full-scale in the museum. Woodworkers and ironworkers recreated the staircase with accurate details including the exquisite oak wood carvings and wrought-iron balustrades.



TITANIC Museum Honors Jewish Passengers & Crew

See the World’s Largest Titanic Built from LEGO® Bricks


Average Visit: 2 Hours



Space Type: Meeting

Amenities: Audio/Visual Equipment, Free Bus Parking, wheelchair access

Meeting Rooms: 1

Largest Banquet Capacity: 150

Exhibit Space Area: 2600

Ceiling Height: 10