The Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism is excited to introduce a our inaugural Restaurant Week and we’re inviting all Pigeon Forge restaurants to participate. Restaurant Week has potential to positively impact Pigeon Forge, increasing foot traffic at our restaurants during a softer tourism period. We’ll be targeting local markets to encourage overnight stays and invite them to experience a variety our destination’s culinary options during their visit.

Pigeon Forge is celebrating its 60th anniversary of incorporation as a city throughout 2021. We plan to tie restaurant week to the anniversary, creating a unique Restaurant Week theme, helping differentiate the program from other cities.

Restaurant Week Overview:

Start Date: January or February 2022 (week is TBD based on restaurant feedback)

Theme: Southern Cuisine & Family Memories

Restaurant Menu Parameters:

  1. Menus developed for this program should feature 3-courses, which may include appetizers, salads, entrees, desserts, or beverage.
  2. To ensure the menus featured align with the theme, we encourage all menus to feature a southern style offering, from a signature chicken fried steak, to chicken and dumplings, collard greens, or any of the wide range of other southern style dishes, sides or beverages.

Key Dates:

TBD based on Restaurant Week dates

Program Promotion:

  1. Highlight the event on MyPigeonForge.com, and on the MyPigeonForge social channels and e-newsletter, producing more than 1 million impressions.
  2. Promote the event in earned media with a goal of garnering news coverage in regional markets like Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Tri-Cities.
  3. Work with local lodging partners to ensure in-town visitors are aware of the event
  4. Develop a webpage/app providing exposure for all participating restaurants, including offers and menu items

Sign-Up Form

Due By Friday, June 4

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