Learn more about our money-saving Pigeon Forge vacation packages with answers to your frequently asked questions. And then book your stay today!

1. Question: What is a vacation package?

Answer: A vacation package is a local company that provides Pigeon Forge area accommodations, attractions, theaters and meals. Each vacation package provider is contracted individually with accommodations, attractions, theaters and restaurants, therefore; each provider may have different suppliers. Each package is individually priced and may not include all of the above listed items.

2. Question: Can I buy just tickets?

Answer: Yes, however not all attractions and theaters will allow discount ticket sales without incorporating it into a vacation package that includes lodging from a vacation package provider.

3. Question: Is this timeshare? Or timeshare related?

Answer: NO, vacation packages are not timeshare related and no tours are required to purchase a vacation package.

4. Question: What is double occupancy?

Answer: Double occupancy is based on 2 adults staying in one room. If a package states “per person double occupancy” then the first 2 adults in that room pay the initial per person rate. Additional person/s staying in the same room would be at a lesser rate. Call each individual provider to find out more information on a specific package.

5. Question: Can packages listed on the website be changed?

Answer: Yes, vacation packages can be altered but based on your changes the pricing is subject to increase. Also check with each provider for customized vacation packages.

6. Question: How do I pay?

Answer: Payment policies vary based on providers. Provider may require full payment prior to arrival while other may only require a deposit; however, you must pay the vacation package provider directly. Contact each provider for more details. Most providers accept credit cards by phone, cashier checks and/or money orders by mail if enough advance notice is given.

7. Question: How do I get my tickets?

Answer: Most providers are a service and pick up all your tickets for you and deliver them directly to your lodging choice and your tickets will be available at your check in point. Once you have confirmed your reservation make sure and ask your provider where your ticket package will be available for you.

8. Question: Is there a cancellation fee if I need to cancel?

Answer: Each provider has its own cancellation policies. Contact your provider for more information and for any fees that may apply.

9. Question: Can a person be added to a package once we arrive?

Answer: Most providers are not set up to add additional person/s to a package once you have arrived into town; however, don’t hesitate to contact them to find out.

10. Question: How much advance notice is needed to book a vacation package?

Answer: Some providers need at least 2 weeks notice in order to book a vacation package while others accept orders up to 3 days prior to arrival date. We recommend that you book as soon as possible due to the limitations on show seating and high volumes during peak times.

11. Question: What is considered a Holiday or Special Event?

Answer: Major Holidays such as the 4th of July, the week after Christmas, Spring Breaks are just a few of the Holidays that are busy in the Pigeon Forge area. Just be aware that ANY MAJOR Holiday will attract visitors to our area. Special Events include car & motorcycle shows, city planned events (see Event section of this website for complete list), and UT home football games are still just a few events that bring visitors to Pigeon Forge.


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