Alamo Steakhouse

A Piece of Texas in Tennessee?!!

Alamo SteakhouseDad, being the man he is and not having roots in the South, doesn’t always enjoy Southern cuisine quite as much as mom and Jellybean. He needs his steak and potatoes sometimes. So, mom and the little divas decided to put the girl power to rest for a meal and treat him to a steakhouse for dinner. We could see Alamo Steakhouse sitting on a hill as we drove down the Parkway in Pigeon Forge. The Texan in us couldn’t help but steer the car in that direction.

The restaurant was extremely clean and we were quickly seated. Jellybean and Peanut’s eyes lit up as they were given their kid’s menu along with a pack of Bendaroos to play with!!!! Wow, not the typical crayons and coloring page. I got their attention long enough to figure out what they wanted to eat and then it was on to creating crazy shapes. Those bendable, sticky, colored sticks kept them entertained during the wait for dinner and beyond.

There was plenty of variety on the menu, but they are known for their Black Angus steaks cooked over an oak fire. Dad ordered himself a nice medium rare steak with the fixings but I opted for the oak grilled salmon. The little divas weren’t very adventurous on this evening and went with their usual…..macaroni and cheese for one and a hamburger for the other. However, we added a little excitement for them and ordered them a Shirley Temple to drink.

We were not disappointed!!! The food was delicious and best of all, dad was happy.