“A Litte Bit of Everything for Everyone”

Well, Dollywood was everything good we had heard from others as well as more!! Dollywood covers some massive grounds. From the parking lot, it is recommended that you take a tram up to the entrance unless you are adventurous and anxious to do a lot of walking. But be advised……you’ll have plenty of opportunity for walking once you get inside the park!!
As with every Pigeon Forge attraction, we were greeted and assisted by very friendly down home locals. The little divas grabbed us a map of the layout of the grounds but they did not give us any time to look at it and plan our adventures! So off we went on a “go with the flow” day.

We happened to attend during the month of the National Gospel and Harvest Celebration. There were craftsmen of all trades spread throughout the walkways of the park exhibiting their talents. One of my personal favorites was watching a farmer and his horse grind sugar cane to make sorghum syrup and telling my girls about my memories of having sorghum syrup on homemade biscuits at my grandma’s house as a little girl. Made me wish times hadn’t changed!!! As for the special gospel music shows…. well, the little divas didn’t allow us the see any of them!! They only had “rides” on their minds!!

So, nevertheless, we hit at least 75% of the rides in Dollywood!! The only ones we missed were the water rides which are closed during the fall and winter months and a few of the high thrill attractions. Peanut got her share of time on the Village Carousel, the Flying Elephants, and the Busy Bees. Jellybean was very adventurous and took her first trips on “big kid” roller coasters with her dad. They rode the Tennessee Tornado which a 70 mph triple loop steel roller coaster and the Mystery Mine which was a unique roller coaster ride with a big 90 degree drop. Not even mom could handle those!!! However, I did take Jellybean on the Dizzy Disk which was a high speed spinning ride that had us both a little “dizzy” afterwards!! As a family, we took a 5 mile ride on the Dollywood Express, an old fashioned steam train, and a trip on an old fashioned ferris wheel!!

All this fun made us a little hungry so we stopped for a burger and hot dogs in the Country Fair area and oh yes, and a nice warm cappuccino for mom! The temperature outside was a little brisk but it didn’t stop us from enjoying our meal outdoors.

We did manage to make it to a few other stops. “Dreamland Drive-In” was a show that was a great rendition of dancing and music from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. It was an hour long and the little divas got pretty restless by the end. Another stop was the Eagle Mountain Sanctuary which is a 30,000 square foot aviary that is home to a number of non-releasable bald eagles.

So whether you are up for a day of crafts and shopping, a day of shows and entertainment, or a day of rides and thrill seeking adventure, Dollywood has it all and is fun for the young and old.!!