Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

A High Flying Adventure!

Pigeon Forge is home to Flyaway Indoor Skydiving which houses a 22 foot vertical wind tunnel!!! This was an adventure that dad and Jellybean were confident that they wanted to try and mom was semi confident. Peanut again wasn’t old enough and didn’t weigh enough to take her try.

We walked in and signed ourselves up for the next session. Mom and Jellybean were going to do the 1st session and then dad would do the 2nd session so that he could stay for Peanut. Next we headed up the stairs to observe others on their “flying” adventure until the next safety/training class started. Well, let’s just say, mom chickened out!!! My stomach started feeling queasy and an anxious feeling overcame me…sorry Jellybean, gonna have to do this with dad!!!!!

So, I took my name off the list and Jellybean and dad went to their training session with 2 other flyers. They were shown a video that went over the safety techniques. They were taught the proper body positions when flying, the proper way to fall once inside the wind tunnel, as well as hand signals which are used for communication between you and the instructor while you are flying. Next, they headed out to get their gear- a wind suit, goggles, earplugs, and a helmet. Jellybean was ecstatic because their super cool instructor Mike gave her a pink helmet!!! She was so excited but mom on the other hand was really nervous for her…what if she forgot to tuck when she fell and instead broke an arm or leg trying to brace herself or what if she freaked out when she got up in the air.

Well, no turning back. The class of 4 and the instructor headed off into the wind tunnel. Peanut and I got to observe through the little windows spread around the outside of the tunnel. It was really loud!!!! Basically it was a tall room with a huge fan under a mesh looking floor and cushions all around the perimeter. The 4 students spread themselves out around the cushions and then they began. Each student was given time with the instructor who coached them through the process and helped them get up in the air. They were each given 2-3 trials that were about 3-5 minutes each. So total time inside the tunnel was about 15 minutes. Dad took his turn and did fairly well…although he took a couple of falls. Jellybean did amazing!!! She communicated well with the instructor with her hand signals and he got her flying the first try!!! Once in the air, the instructor caught on to some handles on the outside of her wind suit and he flew with her. Next thing I knew, they were at the top of the tunnel!

When their time was up and they came out to take off and return all of their gear, Jellybean had a huge smile on her face! She was sooo proud of herself and so were her dad and I!!
So if you are an adventure taker, Flyaway Indoor Skydiving is for you! They have some amazingly talented instructors there and again a very courteous staff to assist you with all the details.