4x the Fun Under One Roof!

MagiQuest is housed in a building that looks like a four-story castle and it had Jellybean and Peanut intrigued every time we drove past it. They were filled with excitement and anticipation as we agreed to let them check it out. As we stepped in the doors, we were invited to experience four different adventures. There is Pirate Golf which is a blacklight 18- hole miniature golf adventure, Odyssey which is a mirror maze adventure, The Vault which is a timed laser challenge, and of course, MagiQuest which is a live video game adventure. You can purchase tickets for each individual adventure or a combo pack which includes all four adventures. We chose the combo pack because it all looked fun!!

Our first adventure was Pirate Golf. The little divas quickly chose their golf club and brightly colored ball and impatiently waited on mom and dad to gather their gear. Peanut was not very interested in actually playing golf. We had to find her each time she was up because she ventured off to play on the pirate ship, climb on the treasure box, and crawl through any opening she was small enough to go under. Jellybean enjoyed competing against mom and dad and was fascinated with the effects of the blacklights. On the 18th hole, you are supposedly rewarded with a serenade from Blackbeard and his friends when you get a hole in one; however, no one in our family was that lucky!!

Next, we were off to the 5,000 square foot mirror maze. The little divas were puzzled when the attendant handed each of us a pair of plastic gloves to put on and told us to keep our hands out in front of us. As we entered, Dad gave each of them a lecture about staying close so that we did not lose them amongst the mirrors. Early in our journey, we came to a disco room. The little divas found it super cool to dance and see themselves all around. Somewhere in this crazy maze we also went through what seemed to be a never ending forest. I think this is the point where mom decided we might be lost and started to panic a little!! But never fear, dad took control and we finally made our way out. I’ll just say that this was the little divas least favorite of our adventures!!

The first two adventures took us about an hour and a half. Before we began our last two adventures, we decided to take a lunch break. We headed next door to Flying Horse Grill for a tasty lunch and a ride on the carousel. Then, it was back to MagiQuest.

MagiQuest adventure was next up and we could not wait to get started. First off you get registered, pick your Magi name, and get “The Ancient Book of Wisdom which is your clues to unlocking and conquering each quest. You are also given a magic wand that knows you by name and is the key to your adventure. If you so choose, you may purchase your own wand which you can customize to your likes. The wand helps you gain powers, unlock secrets, and keeps track of the quests/ adventures that you have completed along the way. Word of advice though…your game adventure is timed and time starts the first time your wand is used so it is to your advantage to keep it pointed down until you are ready to begin. Once we were all signed in, we headed off to the instruction room where the fun unfolds. Mom and Peanut paired up and Jellybean and dad and off we went to try our luck at this live video game. Jellybean and Peanut were more interested in the mystical things that happened when they aimed their wands at the designated targets than actually in following the clues in the book and conquering the quests. However, we almost completed 4 quests before our time was up.

The Vault was our last adventure. Neither of the little divas would enter by themselves as it was a small, semi dark room. So, mom and Jellybean entered together. We quickly hit the floor trying to crawl under and dodge the laser beams. However, I am pretty sure our time did not put us in the top 10 for the day!!! Dad and Peanut went together and dad’s competitive nature had to be put aside because Peanut touched about every laser beam!!! As you can guess, no top 10 finish for them either.

MagiQuest was very much enjoyed by the whole family!!! It is reasonably priced and very entertaining. It is a great place to do a few adventures, take a break, and then go back and finish. Even though Peanut really was not old enough to really understand how to do the MagiQuest and Vault adventure, she still had a great time.