Mama’s Farmhouse

It was such a treat!

farmhouseOne of our delicious meals while staying in Pigeon Forge was breakfast at Mama’s Farmhouse. The restaurant is a little hidden as it is not located on the Parkway (the main street that runs through Pigeon Forge); however, it is only a small jaunt away and well worth it!! It has a cute barn and silo located right beside the restaurant and the front porch of the restaurant has nice wooden rockers on it…one for Mama and one for Papa!

We were greeted with a warm, friendly welcome and quickly seated. I was very impressed at the cleanliness of the facility. It is a fairly new restaurant as it opened in April 2009; however, it still looks brand new inside. The servers all wear overalls and are very attentive.

Much to our surprise, there was no menu!!! It is a family style, all you can eat meal and let me tell you that you won’t be disappointed. The server brought out our drinks, a plate (which was actually more like a platter….hmmm was that a sign that lots of food was on its way?), and our silverware which was rolled up inside a dish towel instead of a napkin. Then, our first course arrived which included biscuits, pinwheels, fruit, and sides of molasses butter and peach butter. I just have to say that Jellybean and I thought the molasses butter was really good! Not long afterwards, a bowl of eggs, a bowl of hash browns, a bowl of grits, a bowl of sausage gravy, a plate of sweet potato pancakes, and a plate of sausage, bacon, and fried chicken tenders were delivered. What a meal….not often do we get to eat this much food so we took advantage of it! The variety covered the tastes of our family so each of us was a happy camper 🙂

This was by far one of the family’s favorite meals during our trip!! It was a bonus that the prices were super affordable…$8.99/ adult, $5.99 for kids ages 5-12, and FREE for kids 4 and under! They also serve lunch and dinner. Don’t miss out on this Pigeon Forge!