Pigeon Forge New & Must Do’s in 2014

2014 is here!!!  As we embrace the beginning of a new year, Pigeon Forge is embracing and preparing for new beginnings with many new attractions and activities for 2014.  As always, top notch family entertainment is a high priority and this year will be no exception.  Our family is deep into making plans and to do lists for our next trip.

1. Xtreme Racing Center: Our little divas love to drive go karts, and this new racing center allows you the opportunity to drive a kart at speeds up to 40 miles per hour.  I am not sure that they will drive that fast, but I am sure dad will have to time his turn and test it to the max.  The center offers the option of single or double karts and three different racing tracks that use computer transponders to track laps.  This definitely sounds like a fun time for our family! 

2. The Island in Pigeon ForgeWe got to check out The Island and ride the Wheel during our summer 2013 trip to Pigeon Forge.  We spent some time there every day of our trip!!  It is such a fun place to just hang out, and we are so excited for all that will be coming to the Island in 2014.  Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville is set to open in Spring 2014.  This is super exciting as there are not very many locations in the US that have the privilege of being home to a Margaritaville.  The plans for it look amazing and we can’t wait to see it in person!!!   The Island Fountains debuted on New Year’s Eve 2013.  Can’t wait to spend an evening just relaxing and hanging out at the Island and watching the show.  Other new things set for the Island this year are many new shops and eating establishments like the Ole Smoky Steakhouse, Distillery & Retail Shop, as well as a Tervis retail store. 

3. FireChaser Express at Dollywood: Dolly is at it again and Dollywood will launch a new, exciting roller coaster in 2014.  It is called the FireChaser Express.  This will be the nation’s first dual launch family coaster that will blast riders forward and backward.  I love that both of the little divas are at an age now that we can try out thrilling adventures like this one and Dollwood is a must stop on every one of our trips! 

4. Smoky Mountain Alpine CoasterWe definitely want to “Ride the Hill, and Feel the Thrill!”  This is not your typical roller coaster.  It is a mile-long spiral down the side of a mountain for over 1 mile. Passengers are in full control of their ride with the ability control speed as well put on the brakes at any time.  Even mom, the least adventuresome in the family, wants to try this out.

5. LeConte Center at Pigeon ForgeThe new LeConte Center at Pigeon Forge is designed to host large conferences, trade shows and athletic competitions.  It is a beautiful facility and offers great views and a Smoky Mountain lodge feel.  Many exciting events are scheduled at the LeConte Center in 2014, including Saddle Up, Quiltfest, and the National Quartet Convention.

6. Unsinkable Molly Brown exhibit at Titanic:  This is so exciting! Molly Brown was a heroine and I looked forward to sharing this exhibit with our little divas. 

As always, new and exciting things lie ahead in 2014 for our favorite family destination.  We can’t wait to experience them all!