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Shining Faces of Travel Nominee: Jamie Rasnake

In celebration of National Travel and Tourism Week 2017, we’re shining the spotlight on Pigeon Forge employees and recognizing them for their excellent customer service!

Meet Jamie Rasnake, TopJump employee who was nominated by Chucky Blalock.


“Jamie Rasnake has been with TopJump Trampoline Park since we opened in March 2016, and he has always been a team player.  As a trampoline park, we require our guests to watch a safety video before they start jumping.  In addition to our trampoline area, we have Clip ‘n Climb, which is a climbing area with auto belay systems, that also requires a safety video so our guests can get harnessed.  We call our guests into the training room a few minutes before they start jumping or climbing by the color of their wristband, so they have enough time to watch the video and get started on time.  Jamie has become the epitome for working our training room.  During the peak of summer, training room can get very busy because of the abundance of jumpers and climbers in addition to people attempting to run through the training room without watching the video.  Since our maximum capacity in the climbing area is fifty, there are a lot of climb times when we have to harness over thirty people in a matter of fifteen minutes.  This may sound like mission impossible, but Jamie always manages to get the job done and provides additional rules to ensure our guests’ safety in a minimal time limit while making sure they begin on time.  As a diligent worker, Jamie is also very friendly and very lighthearted and ensures our guests are having a great time with us.  In addition to working at TopJump, Jamie is also involved in the Gatlinburg community as a firefighter.  During the wildfires in November, Jamie worked over fourteen days straight, and he still came in for his shift at TopJump the next day.  Jamie Rasnake is a shining face of travel because of his dedication to the community and his friendly attitude with everyone who walks through the doors at TopJump.  He is a prime example of what TopJump desires in a person, and this tourist community needs more people like him.”

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