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Smokies News: Smoky Mountains U.S. Quarter Released

Big news for Great Smoky Mountains National Park this past week as the official GSMNP Quarter was released for circulation.

The coin is a standard U.S quarter with a special design and inscription on the reverse side honoring Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The design features one of the historic log cabins found in the national park with mountains in the background and a hawk flying above. The inscription at the top reads “Great Smoky Mountains”.

The release of this quarter is part of the U.S Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters® Program which will feature 56 national park or other national sites in the U.S. The Smokies quarter is the first in the series that will be released this year.

Collectors who are looking to purchase the coin can do so from the U.S. Mint in bags and rolls at prices between $18.95 and $46.95. Eventually, these coins will show up when you get change back, but because they were just released into circulation, it could take a while to come across one unless you buy from the U.S. Mint.




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