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The Track

Fun and Thrills for All Ages!

What do you do when you have 2 little divas with lots of energy and a need to be outside? Go to the Track! It is conveniently located along the Pigeon Forge Parkway and thus is very visible to a child’s eye, as you are traveling around the city. And yes, it caught the eyes of our little divas. So we made a stop and partook in the excitement!

The Track offers many avenues for entertainment…no one should be bored! They have blaster boats and bumper cars, bungee jumping and simulated skydiving, miniature golf, go karts, and arcades. Plus there’s the miniature theme park packed with rides for the “pint sized” travelers, Kid’s Country!

Kid’s Country was the little divas’ stop of choice. We purchased each of them some tickets. One by one they used up the tickets as they rode the carousel, train, swings, miniature Ferris wheel, swinging boat, and spinning tops. They both had so much fun riding the rides over and over again. For some reason, the train got quite a few of our tickets.

Jellybean wanted to venture out and try her luck on the go-karts. So she convinced Dad to ride doubles with her on the Wild Woody which is a three story spiraling wooden track. Next round, she grabbed Mom to go with her. She was all smiles as we headed down the track and all we could hear from her was “Go faster!”

Peanut, who is usually the more energetic and more adventurous one, took her turn with Mom too. She enjoyed it but was more interested in heading back to Kid’s Country to ride the less speedy rides!

We never made it to the miniature golf or the bumper cars. The only brave soul in our family that would have tried bungee jumping and skydiving is Dad and he was not feeling it on this trip. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed our fun and had 2 tired little divas on our hands afterward.

The Track is another great reason Pigeon Forge is known for being a family friendly destination. It’s a great place for adults to be a kid again as well as to enjoy watching the joy and excitement on their kids’ faces. And for a kid, well…let the excitement begin!

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