The Wonders of Magic

Recently Jellybean came up to me with a deck of cards in her hand. She asked me to pick a card, look at it but not show it to her, and then put it back in her deck. After some shuffling and stacking, she held up a card and asked me if she was correct. There was a huge smile on her face. Her eyes got bigger and brighter as I said “Yes!” That look in her eyes made me remember our trip to the Wonders of Magic show at Wonderworks during our summer visit to Pigeon Forge last year.

The show had been recommended to us by a friend who had seen it with her two daughters. I had also read online that Terry Evanswood was the longest running headliner in Pigeon Forge. So after spending several hours playing around in WonderWorks, we decided to catch the late afternoon show before heading off to dinner. We were pleasantly surprised at how affordable it was. It is only $14.99/person for adult or child. If you are also buying a general admission ticket to WonderWorks there is a combo package to save you a few extra dollars.

Wonderworks Hall of Magic
We had a great time touring the Wonderworks Hall of Magic where we saw all kinds of neat costumes and props!

The 75 minute show kept both Jellybean and Peanut at the edge of their seats. There was plenty of magic, illusions and added humor as well as audience involvement. I kept hearing both of the girls whispering, “How’d they do that?,” in between munching on the popcorn we had bought on our way in. Even Dad and I had several looks of disbelief. The magic stopped at one point during the show and Terry Evanswood gave an inspiring speech about believing in your dreams and thanked God for his talents. What a rare occurrence this is in our present day and age!

At the end of the show, the cast was available for autographs and pictures. We also made our way through the “Hall of Magic” museum which houses Evanswood’s own collection of props, costumes, and other memorabilia from some of the world’s greatest and well known magicians.

The little divas left planning what magic tricks they were gonna try on their friends. Another page added to our book of happy memories of Pigeon Forge!