Tourist Tuesday: August 13

The Andleton Family's Pigeon Forge VacationThe Andleton family from Shelby, North Carolina has crossed over the Smoky Mountains into Pigeon Forge to be our guests for Tourist Tuesday this week!

“We live closer to the Eastern side of the state,” said Mr. Andleton, the lone man of the group, “but by the time we traveled to Shelby to pick up Nana (the family’s grandmother) it’s actually closer to Pigeon Forge than it is to the beach.”

This was the first time that the family had been to the town other than Mr. Andleton, who said that he hasn’t seen it since he was seven years old. “It’s changed a lot. I didn’t expect it to have this much stuff.”

The Andleton’s said that they had a recommendation to visit from a friend. When asked about their plans during their stay the family said they’ve already been to Dollywood once and plan on going back again. “It had great food and it’s the best music park we’ve ever been to hands down,” said Mr. Andleton.

The family also said they plan on doing a lot of shopping during their visit and they’ve already got a list of restaurants that they’re planning on trying. The Andleton’s were so impressed by Pigeon Forge they said they’re already thinking about a vacation for next year. “After what we’ve seen we’re thinking about coming back next year and camping.”

Even a stay for a few days, like the vacation the Andleton’s are having, can leave a lasting impression on families that visit Pigeon Forge.