Tourist Tuesday: August 6

Goodall Family in Pigeon Forge, TNIn this edition of Tourist Tuesday the Goodall family visits Pigeon Forge, TN, coming all the way from Iowa.

This is the first trip to Pigeon Forge for the Goodall family who has friends that they came to visit.

“We have some friends that live over by Douglas Lake,” said Mrs. Goodall. “So we’ll visit them and spend a couple days out playing on the lake.” Pigeon Forge is fortunate enough to be located just a short drive away from Douglas Lake.

When I asked what inspired the family to visit the area, other than to see friends, they said that they had always known about Pigeon Forge but when they researched it online they really wanted to come and experience it. “We wanted to see the mountains, visit Dollywood, the whole thing,” said Mr. Goodall.

The Goodall’s are no strangers to watersports. When asked which activities they were most looking forward to, in addition to playing out on the lake, the mother quickly responded. “For me it’s the whitewater rafting.” One of the younger Goodall’s was also quick to chime in about what he was anticipating. “Go Karts!” he said enthusiastically, receiving a chuckle from mom and dad.

“We’re here for a week,” said Mrs. Goodall. “We arrived Saturday and we leave on Friday. There’s definitely more we would like to do but we only have so much time.”

Trying to fit all the activities available into a week-long vacation is a common dilemma for visitors to Pigeon Forge. After this week I’m sure the Goodall’s will agree, it takes more than one trip to fully experience The Land of More!