Tourist Tuesday: May 14

Groome Family Vacation in Pigeon ForgeMelissa and Christine Groome of Virginia are our special guests for this edition of Tourist Tuesday. Melissa said this was her third or fourth trip to Pigeon Forge while Christine said she had been six times.

When asked what made Pigeon Forge such a special place that kept them returning they answered that it was just an incredibly relaxing time.

“The people are so nice too,” said Melissa. “They’re a big part of it.”

“It’s not crowded and it’s not fast paced. This is our relaxing vacation. We can wake up around 8 or 9. At Disney you’ve got to get up around 5.”

They both said that they particularly enjoyed the shopping that they got to do while staying in Pigeon Forge. The various shops and outlet malls are a big perk they receive every time they visit.

I asked the ladies if they had tried any shows over the course of their many visits and they said their were several they wanted to try and they really enjoyed Country Tonight.

“We loved Country Tonight,” said Melissa. “It’s the best show around.”

Many people just like Melissa and Christine find themselves returning for multiple vacations in Pigeon Forge. If you want to try everything that it has to offer it’s almost impossible to do in just one trip!