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Winter Break in the Smokies

A lot of schools are getting ready to close for Winter Break, which means a long weekend and a perfect opportunity for a short getaway for the family to Pigeon Forge.

Winter in the Smokies can bring unpredictable weather. Cold temperatures, rain, and snow can often deter tourists from doing many of the fun outside action-packed attractions that Pigeon Forge is known for. That’s why we wanted to give you a couple of suggestions for attractions you and your family can enjoy even in the most miserable weather conditions! These are indoors and offer plenty of fun for everyone.

Flyaway Indoor SkydivingFlyaway Indoor Skydiving: Learn to Fly!
One of Pigeon Forge’s most unique and thrilling attractions is Flyaway Indoor Skydiving. Have you ever wanted to experience the sensation of flight without having to deal with the fear of jumping out of a plane? Indoor skydiving provides that feeling in a safe and fun environment. Flyaway was America’s first vertical wind tunnel and is the only facility of its kind in Tennessee.

Participants must first go through a basic 20 minute class with instructors to learn the secrets of flight. Then the flyers are geared up with all the necessary equipment; suit, helmet, etc. After a review of instructions a group of up to five flyers enter the wind tunnel and take turns getting “airtime”.

The breathtaking session lasts about 15 minutes as participants learn and get better at flying while they work with their instructor. Particularly athletic or experienced flyers might even be able to perform tricks during their skydiving session.

Observers are welcome to come at no cost and watch their friends and family try out the flight tunnel from the observation deck. The attraction is open 11am to 6pm daily except for Wednesdays with classes starting every 30 minutes.

No reservations are necessary as participants can sign up on a first come, first served basis and prices vary depending on which flight option is chosen.

It’s one of the most exciting things you can do in Pigeon Forge and is sure to be one of the best stories you tell when you return from your stay. So come on over to Flyaway and learn how to fly!

MagiQuest: Endless Adventure
Have you ever wanted to experience a magical realm or fairy tale first hand? MagiQuest, a giant castle across from Walden’s Landing in Pigeon Forge, allows you to do just that. It’s an interactive adventure that lets you become part of the story. In addition to the magical journey the MagiQuest also offers a mirror maze, miniature golf, and a laser challenge.

Upon entering the castle each player needs to acquire a wand. The wand will be yours to keep as it will be your most important tool not only for this quest but for every return visit to MagiQuest. The wand keeps track of battles you have won, levels you have reached, and also allows you to pick up your journey right where you left off whenever you return.

Along your journey you will meet many creatures (dragons, pixies, goblins, etc.) and people alike that can either assist or hinder you. The decisions you make will determine the direction that your interactive journey takes. No two groups have the same storyline so players must make choices wisely! As you progress through your story you will acquire different magical items and also gain different powers and toppers for your wand. Your goal is to become a master Magi and bring order to the Kingdom.

Another key component to the castle of MagiQuest is AdventureQuest which includes three separate adventures: The Odyssey Mirror Maze, The Vault laser challenge, and Pirate Mini-Golf. The mirror maze is a 5,000 square foot journey that includes features like the infinity room, where you can gaze into infinity; the holograph room, where the walls come together to form a huge holograph; and the dance room, where the walls move with the player.

The Vault provides a room of lasers which players must move around and avoid to succeed. Try and beat your own time as speed becomes a major factor in the challenge. Pirate Golf is the third adventure. It’s a black light mini golf course complete with 18 holes filled with crazy obstacles.

MagiQuest provides an entire day’s worth or more of fun as families can choose to do any or all of the many activities offered. It’s sure to be one of the most memorable activities on your vacation!

Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

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