“Amusement Park for the Mind”

WonderWorksFrom the moment we drove into Pigeon Forge, the whole family knew that this would be an attraction that we definitely could not miss!! My 7 year old daughter, Jellybean, was enthralled by this building that was “upside down” and could not fathom how in the world we would be able to walk around inside of it. Kudos to the architect that designed this masterpiece……truly a creative genius!!

So needless to say, our first adventure in Pigeon Forge was a trip to WonderWorks. As we entered the front door and made our way through the crowd (good sign that this was going to be fun) to purchase our tickets, Jellybean and now Peanut, who is 3 years old, continued to be perplexed by the building and lobby that appeared to be “upside down.” However, we made our way through the laser light inversion tunnel and the whole family became amazed at the 120+ exhibits that awaited us.

First up was the Disaster Zone where we were juggled around in the Quake Café which simulated what an earthquake, 5.3 on the Richter scale, would feel like and then we were caught up in the hurricane force wind simulator which had our hair going all kinds of directions!!! Lots of laughs and giggles were had by all of us here. The Challenge Zone was next and an indoor rock climbing wall intrigued Jellybean. Tough and challenging for our sweet little diva! Peanut, not big enough to climb the wall, played around on the virtual reality bikes and other games in this area. Ready for more, we headed into the Space Zone and both of the girls loved getting inside a space shuttle and playing with the control buttons as well as standing inside a life size replica of an astronaut’s space suit. So much to learn in this zone and plenty of good photo ops!! The next hall led us to the Light and Sound Zone which had a sound lab that neither of the girls would go into because it was dark and behind closed doors!! I am not sure if this is where the Bed of Nails was or not, but it caught Jellybean’s attention. She laid down on the “bed” where almost 3500 nails slowly were brought up against her and somehow she felt NO pain! The Bubble Lab was close-by. Jellybean and Peanut made ginormous bubbles with the wands and laughed as they popped. It was very cute to see them amidst all of the big bubbles!!! My favorite section followed which was the Far Out Illusion Gallery. It was like walking through an art gallery with super cool illusional pictures hanging on the walls and there was a harp with what appeared to be no strings that somehow made music when you pretended to play the strings. Peanut loved drawing on the wall size Magic Finger Paint board. Nonetheless, something else here was grabbing all of our attention… a bathroom with clear windows!! Much to our surprise when we went inside and shut the door, the windows magically became frosted!!! Of course, we had to play here for quite a bit. Last of all, no adventure would be complete without an arcade, prize counter, and refreshments.

Fun times were definitely had!!! Jellybean drew pictures of upside down houses for the remainder of our trip and shared them with everyone we met. Both kids requested a 2nd visit during our stay in Pigeon Forge and you guessed it, their wish was granted!!! We spent about an hour and a half there each visit but we could have easily stayed longer. This is a GREAT rainy day activity!!!

My only regret is that we missed the Hoot-n-Holler Dinner Show that is on site. However, this fun attraction will be a “must do” when we make it back to Pigeon Forge, so we’ll make the dinner show a reality then!!!