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Best Ice Cream Shops in Pigeon Forge

Stop in for a scoop of your favorite sweet treat!

From rolled ice cream to hand-crafted milkshakes, Pigeon Forge offers delicious ice cream parlors, creameries, and frozen dessert spots loved by locals and tourists alike! As you visit family-friendly attractions on and off the Parkway or explore Dollywood, you will find many places to indulge in some of the tastiest frozen treats. Use this list to expand your frozen treat palate at one (or all) of the best ice cream shops in Pigeon Forge, TN!


The Titanic Frozen Custard & Chocolate Attraction

mage of THE TITANIC FROZEN CUSTARD & CHOCOLATE shop in pigeon forge

Enter a world of sweet indulgences at The Titanic Frozen Custard & Chocolate Attraction. This delightful Pigeon Forge frozen custard shop and chocolate spot offers a unique dessert menu of delectable treats. After historical exploration in the iconic TITANIC Museum Attraction, step next door to try Edwardian-themed treats. Choose from creamy custards, rich chocolates and exquisite sundaes. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind sweet experience only in Pigeon Forge!


Cream and Sugar Sweet Shoppe

image of candies from Cream and Sugar Sweet Shoppe

Wanting to cure an insatiable sweet tooth? Visit Cream & Sugar Sweet Shoppe, located at the Tower Shops at Mountain Mile in Pigeon Forge, for ice cream, unique treats, and homemade sweets! From chocolate truffles and gummy bears to Sunkist floats and banana splits, the options are endless on their creative menu. Bring your family and friends for their favorite sweets and treats!


Buzzed Bull Creamery

image of ice cream scoop from Buzzed Bull Creamery

Another name in ice cream you’re sure to recognize is Marble Slab Creamery, with its authentic homemade ice cream and 75 flavors, with unlimited mix-ins. Every batch of ice cream is made in small batches using fresh dairy ingredients from local farms and flavor ingredients from across the globe. Choose from a nearly endless list of ice cream flavors, then watch as the ice cream is scooped onto a frozen “marble slab” where your choice of toppings is skillfully blended and piled onto a waffle cone. It’s one of the most customizable ice cream shops in Pigeon Forge you’ll love to experience!


Baskin Robbins Ice Cream

image of ice cream from Baskin Robbins Ice Cream in pigeon forge

After a summer day of exploring local attractions, cool off with a sweet treat at one of the most well-known destinations for ice cream lovers. Offering customers frozen beverages, cakes, and top-notch sundaes, the world-famous Baskin Robbins in Pigeon Forge offers a sweet array of specialty frozen desserts. With 31 flavors of ice cream and its location on the Parkway, it’s a convenient and delicious option for a scoop or two of your favorite flavors. Come enjoy familiar tastes everyone loves!


Marble Slab Creamery

pic of ice cream cones from Marble Slab Creamery

For the best customizable ice cream in Pigeon Forge, Marble Slab Creamery is the place to go. Their premium, small-batch ice cream is hand-mixed with fresh dairy ingredients from local farms. Choose from 75 flavors and watch the magic happen right before your eyes. Your ice cream selection is scooped onto a “marble slab” and skillfully blended to perfection. Add an unlimited amount of fruits, nuts and candy toppings for a custom scoop made just for you. Your one-of-a-kind frozen masterpiece is piled high on a waffle cone for you to enjoy. Come experience this unique marble slab creamery in Pigeon Forge today!


Mad Dog’s Creamery

Funnel Cake at Mad Dog’s Creamery in Pigeon Forge

Try the best selection of Pigeon Forge hand-dipped ice cream cones, banana splits, and house-made soft serve at Mad Dog’s Creamery. Located off the Parkway near Dollywood, this one-stop dessert shop is perfect for kids and welcomes dogs too. Customers can use free wi-fi, decorate the chalk wall, and get doggie treats and water bowls for their furry friends. Try their new funnel cakes or one of their famous donuts before you leave. You’ll find the perfect dessert option for everyone in the family.


Old Mill Creamery

image of sundae from Old Mill Creamery

Old Mill Creamery in Pigeon Forge is a traditional Pigeon Forge ice cream parlor with a sweet mix of popular desserts and old-fashioned ice cream. Enjoy classic flavors, like Smoky Mountain strawberry, or a signature flavor, like oat mill cream pie. Or try flavors with bits of homemade candies swirled in from the Old Mill Candy Kitchen. Adults can order specialty flavors blended with spirits from the Old Forge Distillery. This one-of-a-kind ice cream blend can be served on a sugar cone, in a shake, or in a sundae. For a large crowd, order one of the family ice cream packs to bring back to your cabin or campground.


Curl De La Creme – Rolled Ice Cream

Curl De La Creme – Rolled Ice Cream

Experience something new at Curl De La Creme, which brings a sophisticated East Coast ice cream trend to Pigeon Forge. Enjoy delicious ice cream treats made with a high-quality cream base and tasty mix-ins, like fruit or cookie bits, poured onto a frozen pan and formed into ice cream rolls. Come by Curl De La Creme to enjoy tasty rolled ice cream that keeps visitors and locals coming back for more.


The Island Creamery

The Island Creamery - Ice Cream Shop in Pigeon Forge

Plan a trendy dessert date or fun family outing to The Island Creamery in Pigeon Forge. Order globally-inspired coffees, smoothies and homemade ice creams from this unique creamery at The Island in Pigeon Forge. Its convenient location, worldly frozen treats, and one-of-a-kind flavors are sure to cure any sweet tooth. Grab a seat in front of the Island Show Fountains and enjoy your gourmet treats as you watch the dazzling water show performance.



image of frozen yogurt from sweetFrog in pigeon forge

Stop by sweetFrog, a soft-serve premium frozen yogurt shop in Pigeon Forge, TN. There are over 60 soft-serve flavors to choose from, plus specialty options like no-sugar-added, low-fat, nonfat and dairy-free. Create a fun swirl of frozen yogurt then add as many fresh toppings as you desire. A bowl of delicious, soft-serve frozen yogurt from sweetFrog offers the perfect way to cool down after a fun-filled day of exploration.


Scoops Ice Cream Parlor

image of shakes from Scoops Ice Cream Parlor in pigeon forge

Scoops Ice Cream Parlor is a delectable ice cream parlor in Pigeon Forge known for handcrafted milkshakes and imaginative ice cream creations. Try crowd-favorite flavors, like butter pecan and mint chocolate chip, and uniquely crafted flavors, such as Unicorn Strawberry Cake. Whether you want a classic waffle cone or cone covered with candy bits or crushed pretzels, there are endless options for every scoop. Browse their fun menu to find other frozen sweets like sundaes, milkshakes and banana splits.


Cookie Dough Monster

image of cookie dough from Cookie Dough Monster

Cookie Dough Monster, located behind The Island in Pigeon Forge, is known for their homemade edible cookie dough. Every sweet treat on the menu is homemade with premium ingredients and served in a vibrant, family-friendly atmosphere. Each batch of cookie dough and creamy ice cream offers a rich, homemade taste. Combine any ice cream flavor and cookie dough flavor for a delicious duo. Freshly baked cookies and thick, creamy shakes can also be found on the menu.

Make your next trip to the Smoky Mountains even sweeter by stopping at one of these ice cream shops in Pigeon Forge. Then explore even more great restaurants and eateries throughout town.



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