A Rollin’ Good Time

Have you ever wanted to roll down a hill inside a big inflated ball?? Well, Pigeon Forge is home to the only Zorb site in the entire USA. Of course Dad, being the risk taker/daredevil he is, wanted to give it a try. We loaded up and headed on over to the “hill.”

When we arrived, he was given a couple of choices in how he wanted to “roll” down the hill, ie. in water or not. It was a little cool out that day and since we didn’t bring an extra change of clothes with us, he opted for the non-water option (Zorbit). Jellybean wanted him to choose the water ride (Zydro) because up to 3 people can go together at a time and she kept telling him that they sell water clothes there that they could use!! She wanted to go so bad, and she was super disappointed when she found out the minimum age requirement is 8 years old!! So with a pouty face, Jellybean joined mom and Peanut as we prepared to cheer dad on.

After signing all the waivers and paying his fees, he unloaded all of his pockets and off he went. A van was waiting to take the riders to the top of the hill. I must admit at this point…..mom was a little nervous!! We couldn’t really see him once he got to the top of the hill. Dad said that once they got there, he got his safety briefing and then was harnessed inside the big ball. A staff member signaled to us when they got him to the edge of the hill and were ready to release him. Then it was down the hill he went!! The course was straight, but it was like watching a “weeble” wobble. The little divas giggled as we watched him bounce and roll for what seemed like several minutes. However, the actual ride time was only about 45 seconds. Once at the bottom of the hill, the staff took dad’s picture and a cd of his “roll” was available for purchase. Mom was also “clicking” away so that we had plenty of pictures for dad to remember his zorbonaut experience!!

Zorb globe riding is definitely a one of a kind adventure whether you are the rider or just a spectator. It is a great conversation starter!!