Wallace Hartley Violin Display at Titanic

Start Date: Jul 01, 2020
End Date: Dec 03, 2020

See the $1.7 Million Titanic Violin

RMS Titanic bandleader Wallace Hartley’s violin, which sold for $1.7 million dollars, the highest price ever paid for any RMS Titanic artifact, has only been seen in public at The Titanic Museum Attraction.

In 2005 the Hartley Titanic violin was found and authenticated through testing. It was later sold at auction by Henry Aldridge and Son for $1,700,000, by far the highest ever paid for memorabilia tied to Titanic. “I can’t think of anything else that is more iconic to come off that ship,” says veteran collector, Craig Sopin.

Some will hear its silent message. All will feel a presence that’s impossible to ignore

Reservations are REQUIRED.  Face Masks are REQUIRED.

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Start Date: Jul 01, 2020
End Date: Dec 03, 2020
2134 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863