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Ahhhh….Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea in Pigeon Forge, TNPigeon Forge holds many special memories for me and it even helps to drum up a few from my childhood. From Bennett’s Pit Bar-B-Que to Old Mill Restaurant, and McAlister’s Deli any time I take a sip off a tall, cool glass of sweet tea I am in my momma’s kitchen again.

Sweet tea and the South just go together like peanut butter and jelly! In my opinion, sweet tea is a Southern trademark, just like pulled pork sandwiches and the Blues. Having been born and raised in the South, I know the true meaning of this. We drank sweet tea like it was water and for all meals of the day. I even have some friends whose parents put sweet tea in their bottles when they were babies…it’s some good stuff… Now, as far as how healthy that really was, well, we all know the right answer to that!

I can honestly say that after we moved to the Midwest when I was in high school, sweet tea was one of the things I really missed. Eating establishments didn’t have it on their menus and my new friends did not know about this delicacy. Luckily, my momma still made it at home for us! Now as an adult and a mom I realize that perhaps sugar morning, noon and night isn’t the best idea so I don’t make it too often anymore but every now and then I miss it.

You can bet when we travel to Pigeon Forge though, I make sure to enjoy a glass or two…maybe three when no one’s looking. The little divas and dad have also been introduced to it but don’t get nearly as excited about it as I do. It is so refreshing on a hot summer’s day and makes me feel like a kid again.

On my next visit to Pigeon Forge, I plan to try out the sweet tea at a few other places… If you have some suggestions I’d love to hear them. Cheers!

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