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Shining Faces of Travel Nominee: Bridget Massey

In celebration of National Travel and Tourism Week 2017, we’re shining the spotlight on Pigeon Forge employees and recognizing them for their excellent customer service!

Meet Bridget Massey, Front Desk Clerk at The Inn on the River who was nominated by Jeannie Palaganas and Barbie Perillo.


“Bridget is not only knowledgeable but she is genuinely kind. She has been with our company for 6 years and has always been dependable. The mother of four has a sense to read people. She knows the best way to handle all types of guests and coworkers. She is and always has looked for ways to make our guests feel like they are the most important guest we have.” –Jeannie Palaganas

“Bridget has been working for The Inn on the River for over 6 years and has become such a driving force behind the success of our hotel. Guests absolutely love her and to many, she has become family. She brings genuine substance to the desk and exemplifies superior customer service, all while creating a pleasant environment for her coworkers and our guests. Whether it be the many baked goods she brings in or the helping hand she consistently offers, she is definitely part of the glue that holds our work family together. She has become our most recognized front desk associate and many if not all repeat guests know her by name and have nothing but praises for her, I would even go as far to say as we have so many repeat guests due to her superior customer service and genuine desire to ensure they have the best possible stay in Pigeon Forge as possible.” – Barbie Perillo

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