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Favorite Spots for Family Picnics in Pigeon Forge

Favorite Picnic Spots in Pigeon Forge

One of the best ways to enjoy the spectacular scenery and beauty of the outdoors any time of year is by having a picnic in Pigeon Forge. From filling the picnic basket with everyone’s favorite foods to spending time hanging out and laughing together to exploring the beauty of nature after your meal, picnics are a truly memorable way to spend time together with the family. And Pigeon Forge has some of the best picnic spots around.

Whether you prefer one of the picnic areas found at local parks or find your own favorite picnic spot in the national park, the whole family will enjoy dining in the great outdoors while taking in the beautiful mountain scenery that abounds. Here are a few of our favorite family picnic spots in Pigeon Forge to check out on your next visit.


Find your own favorite picnic spot in the national park

Find your own favorite picnic spot in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

One of the unarguably best spots for a picnic in Pigeon Forge is Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You’ll find an abundance of options to choose from throughout the park. Grab your hiking gear, pack your picnic lunch and head out for a fun adventure along one of the many hiking trails.

As you’re taking in the beauty of nature, and the sights and sounds that surround, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to stop and set up your picnic. Find a spot along the hiking trail or sit alongside one of the many streams. No matter which picnic area you choose, your family is sure to have a picnic to remember.


Head for the picnic area in Cades Cove

Head for the picnic area in Cades Cove

Another great picnic spot in Great Smoky Mountains National Park is located just before the entrance to Cades Cove Loop Road. The picnic area at Cades Cove has 80 tables, each with its own charcoal grill. It’s the perfect place to grab a bite to eat before strolling down Loop Road and exploring the old pioneer town. Enjoy incredible mountain views and watch for a chance to spot some of the wildlife that call the Smoky Mountains home.

The park has several designated picnic areas that offer picnic tables and grills. Picnic areas open year-round are: Cades Cove, Deep Creek, Greenbrier and Metcalf Bottoms. You can find these on the park maps in the Sugarlands Visitor Center or download one from the park website. Pavilions can be reserved for groups one year in advance by calling (877) 444-6777 or online at recreation.gov.


Make a day of it at Wear Farm City Park

Have a picnic at Wear Farm City Park

You can make a day of it at Wear Farm City Park! The park is a great spot for picnics in Pigeon Forge, especially if you have little kids or a large family. It’s also a great place to meet up with several other families for a day of fun.

There are covered pavilions with picnic tables that offer nice shade. And even a charcoal BBQ grill if you prefer to cook up burgers and hot dogs when you get there. The kids will be entertained for hours with the two large playgrounds, and there is a basketball court and several ball fields for those friendly family sports competitions. Enjoy the walking trail for a relaxing family walk after your meal.


Enjoy a fun family picnic at Patriot Park

Enjoy a fun family picnic at Patriot Park

Deep in the heart of Pigeon Forge is Patriot Park, which is another great place for a picnic in Pigeon Forge. This hidden gem in downtown Pigeon Forge boasts a large, open, grassy area with plenty of space to lay out your picnic blanket. Your family can eat some lunch and then afterwards, fly a kite or throw a frisbee or football around.

The park is located near Old Mill Square and is home to a replica Liberty Bell and a Patriot Missile that was used in the first Gulf War. Flags from the 50 states and the branches of the armed forces line the half-mile walking trail that connects to the Riverwalk Greenway. It’s a great place to enjoy an outdoor meal together while learning about the area’s history. You can also do a little shopping afterwards in Old Mill Square and even grab an ice cream cone for dessert!!

From the holiday lights that shine bright during Winterfest to fireworks that light up the sky for Patriot Festival on July 3, Patriot Park offers many fun activities and events year-round. There is a gazebo and pavilion available for use at the park as well. The pavilion is available on a first-come, first-serve basis with no reservations. No reservations are required to use the gazebo, however, there is a small fee. Call (865) 429-7373 or email [email protected].


Find a picnic spot alongside the Little Pigeon River

Find a picnic spot alongside the Little Pigeon River

One side of Patriot Park backs up to the Little Pigeon River which is another good place for a picnic with the family.  The river runs a course throughout the city so finding a quiet spot with lots of shade along its path won’t be hard! And most days, ducks and pigeons can be seen wandering around or floating in the river.

Make sure to save some sandwich crumbs from lunch so the kids can feed the ducks and pigeons. You can also buy duck feed at the Old Mill General Store or buy a handful out of the gumball-style machine that sits alongside the riverbank. The kids are sure to have a blast, and best of all, it’s free fun for the whole family!


Or find a quiet place to picnic along the Riverwalk Trail

Find a quiet place to picnic along the Riverwalk Trail

The Riverwalk Trail is a nice, paved path that runs along the West Prong of the Little Pigeon River and offers over 4 miles of trails. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic with the beautiful and peaceful scenery that surrounds the trail and park.

The Riverwalk Trail travels a mile around the old City Park loop behind the Pigeon Forge Community Center, then along the river for a mile through The Island in Pigeon Forge and another mile-and-a-half behind the LeConte Convention Center and along Butler St. before connecting to the half-mile trail at Patriot Park.

The Island in Pigeon Forge offers some great choices for grabbing a “to-go” lunch. Then, simply find a quiet spot to eat and watch the ducks swim by or just enjoy the peaceful sounds of the water.

Take the family for a walk along the Little Pigeon River after your meal is done and watch as they feed the ducks. The trail is a great spot to get outside, enjoy nature with the family and create more memories that will be cherished for a lifetime!


With all these great picnic spots in Pigeon Forge to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you and your family.  No matter where you choose to throw out the picnic blanket, relax and take in the fresh mountain air while enjoying the incredible mountain views that surround this little Smoky Mountain town!


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