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First Snow of the Year

Last weekend visitors to our area saw an unusual sight for this time of year- snow…and lots of it. Snowstorms hit the Smokies on Friday night and by Saturday morning the mountains were covered.

Over 3 inches of snow accumulated in the lower elevations of the park. Road crews reported more than 10” at Newfound Gap and the summit of Mount Le Conte received 22 inches!

Elevation seemed to make all the difference, as Pigeon Forge received only a light dusting. Most all roads in the park were closed through the weekend but visitors were able to drive up on Monday and enjoy the snow.

It’s very unusual to have that much snow this early in the year in the Smoky Mountains and the surrounding area. In fact, the 22 inches accumulated at Mount Le Conte was an all-time record for November 1.

snow in pigeon forge

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