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Sneaking in a Little Education on Your Holiday Travels

The holidays are just around the corner! I love this time of year and all of the fun family memories that the season brings. For many families, holidays are a time to travel. Whether it is for pleasure or to visit family and friends, Pigeon Forge and its winter beauty awaits you. There is a lot to excitement to be had, even the educational kind to keep those little brains from getting rusty while they are “off on break!”

Titanic Museum Pigeon Forge, TNThe Titanic is obviously a huge part of history and this a great time to visit the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge as they are celebrating the 100th year anniversary of its sinking. You can take your kids back to the era of the early 1900’s as well as discuss the diversity of the passengers aboard from first class to third class. There is even have a little geography lesson to be had as you study where the ship began its voyage, where it stopped, and where it was headed.

The Tomb is a new attraction in Pigeon Forge. We have not had the pleasure of experiencing it yet but definitely plan too. It is an interactive game and requires some brain work to solve the clues and make it out of the tomb. A little lesson in archaeology as well as ancient Egyptian tombs and pharaohs can definitely be had here.

Another fun educational stop is the Pigeon Forge Gem Mine. Raw stones in their unique shapes and colors can be lots of fun. Our little divas love rocks, especially if they shine, sparkle, and are brilliant in color! Here you can purchase buckets of dirt and the miners show you how to sort through and find your treasure. You get to keep what you find and can even have your gems made into jewelry. A discussion on mining, fossils, rocks, and crystals waits to be told!

I say bring on the holiday travels…fun, education, and all!

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